Stream Sediment Surveys

Multielement Geochemical Databases for Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Central America and the Greater Antilles. 

Recursos del Caribe has been assembling and preserving multielement geochemical data since going into business in the 1980’s. We now have a large collection of multielement geochemical data, much of it in vector format, with an emphasis on stream sediment survey data. Original maps and reports have been scanned and geo-referenced; sample locations have been captured and attributed with multielement geochemical data.

Click on the link: Caribbean Stream Sediment Surveys Summary to download a list of available stream sediment surveys.

Stream sediment data for the following countries is available in vector format: Click on Panama Gchem database (22,000 ss samples); Click on Nicaragua GChem database (27,000 ss samples); click on Colombia Gchem database (72,000 ss samples); click on Ecuador Gchem database (14,000 ss samples); click on Mexico Gchem database (151,000 ss samples); click on Dominican Republic GChem database (25,195 ss samples)

Panama stream sediment sample coverage