Prospect Database: Monte Negro Deposit

Prospect Monte Negro Production reference Ruiz (1998), GoldCorp annual reports
Country Dominican Republic Production Period 1975-1996, 2012 to present
Reference Location field visit Gold in ounces 2,996,430
District Pueblo Viejo Silver in ounces


Deposit Type Epithermal High Sulfidation Copper in Tons  360
Owners Rosario Dominicana Lead in Tons  
Partners Barrick Gold 60%, GoldCorp 40% Zinc in Tons  
Deals 1991 international bidding process won by Placer Dome Aluminum in Tons  
    Nickel in Tons  
Resource in Tonnes 81,730,000 Reserve in Tonnes 105,100,000
Gold grade in ppm 1.88 Gold grade in ppm 2.7
Silver grade in ppm 10.43 Silver grade in ppm 16.9
Copper grade in pct 0.08 Copper grade in pct 0.07
Lead grade in pct 0 Lead grade in pct 0
Zinc grade in pct   Zinc grade in pct  
Reference Resource Borst et al., 2012; Smith et al., 2008 Reference reserve Borst et al., 2012; Smith et al., 2008
Status The Pueblo Viejo mine, inactive since June of 1999, was put out to an international bidding process, won by Placer Dome. Placer Dome was acquired by Barrick and Barrick, jointly with GoldCorp, put the mine back into production in 2012. Capital costs, estimated to run $2,700 million, ended up costing almost $5 billion.
Drilling 138,349 meters in 1814 drill holes at a spacing of 60-80 m.
Observations Metallurgical challenges, addressed by the new plant and autoclaves, include high sulfide content (8%), local high copper and arsenic content, high carbon content, and silica encapsulation.